Yes we Open for the Season




What is a blokart?

A blokart is a three wheeled land kart, which uses a sail to catch the wind and propel itself along the ground. The blokart is controlled using the hands, meaning that a person’s size and mobility does not stop them enjoying themselves on one. Also known as blokarting, land sailing, land yachting.

Is it difficult to learn to sail a blokart?

Not at all. Anyone above the age of 8 can pick this up in minutes (not hours). You will be given full instructions before you sail. If you have some sailing experience you will take to it in minutes with no special instructions. It is the same principle as sailing on water just easier and quicker. If you have never sailed before you should still be able to pick it up very quickly.

What do we need to bring?

Please bring a comfortable pair of closed shoes, sunglasses, sunblock, jersey/coat and a bottle of water.   Blokart, helmet and gloves will be provided.

Can we purchase food and drinks at the venue?

Sorry not at this are welcome to bring along your own.

What happens if there is no wind?

Sorry other than someone pushing your around the track we cannot blokart without wind.  We don't need a lot of wind to be able to use a blokart so if you are worried about the lack of wind please contact us.

If it is raining, will it be cancelled?

If it is windy, then there is nothing stopping you from blokarting. Just wear wet weather gear

I don't have a blokart but a land yacht, can I use it on your track?

Sorry, no.  The Vortex Windkarting track is especially designed for blokarts only

Can we hire one or two blokarts and share it among friends?

If you are all experienced blokarters then yes (minimum 1 hour hire), otherwise the answer is no.  We have found that inexperienced blokarters require more assistance to get under way. Sharing the session with others does not allow new blokarters enough time to come to grips with the skills required to blokart and enjoy the experience.